Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Day

It's not like I don't understand what its like to be single, I get it and yes I am not upset about it, the thing is what to do when you are single and regaining your indepence. So that is what I am doing regaining my independence. It is off to a good start, I am extremely busy. Not to say that I don't realize what has happend to me, I am just the type of person to keep it moving, and in many ways I feel like that is a good thing. You know when you have the free time, you can get caught up in those you have lost, or things you should have done, and feel really bad for yourself, so now I just don't have a moment to do that, I know eventually after all is said and done, I still may think about it from time to time.

But positive things are happening, I mean they should after what I have been through, I mean an abusive relationship, living with an alcoholic, someone I thought I knew in the beginning, and instantly changed into this monster that I spent a majority of my time with. I mean thinking about it makes you almost sick, and a lot of people say that you should have been out of there a long time ago, and they were absolutely right. In a way when you love someone, you want them to change, so you keep on trying until you give up, and start focusing on the thing that matters most which is you.

So for today, the positive thoughts are in my mind of what I am accomplishing and hope to accomplish in the next few months, if I ever read back on these past blogs, I can realize how far I have come.

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