Thursday, July 8, 2010


It has been way over a month since I blogged, and I thought to myself today that today would be a great day to do that. I am so busy with getting my Mom's 50th Surprise Birthday together, which is so much fun. It has been a long journey for Mom and I, and in a lot of ways I am so glad that she is has helped me become the person I am. There have been a lot of times in my life where I felt sad or alone, or at least had some kind of bump in the road, and she is always there to pull me out somehow, not to say that my friends aren't there cause they certainly are and I know that. I guess you think about things a lot differently as you get older, it's not to say that you don't you care when your younger, you just don't appreciate it as much. The beginning of this year has been absolute hell for me, getting ou of a horrible abusive relationship, and without people like my Mom, and some of my good friends, I just don't know where I would be, I know that she will be surprised.

Moving onto the highlights of my life, I know it seems exciting. I was listening to a podcast with Catherine Hickland, and she does these seminar about being positive and letting those negative things go, and she also has that 30 day heartbreak cure book out on the market, and she is a very sweet person. I am just wondering if she makes that book in installments, like a 45, 90, or 180 day heartbreak cure, because I think we all need some of those LOL. I have put off my podcast for a long time as well, and people still ask me when its coming back, or when do I plan to do it, and honestly I want to, but at the moment, it just seems like that isn't in the puzzle of what my plans are at the moment, but I will leave the site up for a while, until I am ready, because when I get back into something I go full force and who knows by the fall I may be ready once again.

Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of "Ryan's Hope" it was a legendary soap opera and I made so many friends from that show, like the wonderful Louise Shaffer, who is probably like another mother to me, but more importantly a really special friend. I mean we could probably go through an entire cake and three or four pots of coffee and just chat. She is so magnificent that way, but I have made other friends from that show as well, and last year I had a lunch with Claire Labine at the Carnegie Deli in NYC, and it was nice, but I have known her for years, its just ashame that when SOAPNET goes away there is no outlet for it so I am hoping that someone releases it on DVD, like they did with "Dark Shadows", cause it is a sort of a show that has a cult following.

Since the beginning of July I am now over the crisis of being 29 and I am in full acceptance with it as long as people keep on coming up to me and saying oh I thought you were 24 or 25 that is nice, so keep those compliments coming people they help out a lot. It is a new journey for me in a lot of ways though, I am single, I am focusing on me and what I want and its nice for a change to come home and not have any confrontations or have to worry about anything. It is also nice to go out with friends and hang out as well. In a lot of ways I am learning how to be single, it isn't easy I guess you just have to go and do it, and then people from your past show up and you are amazed and surprised to see them, and then you embrace them and make them a part of your everyday life, at least that is what is happening for me. I am beginning to understand what it takes to make a relationship work and getting to know someone in depth takes time, but it is something I guess we all have, and when its a go it will be great.

So really I am just glad to go and see a lot of my family members and people I haven't seen in years at my Moms party and my friend Joe is coming with me so it is going to be so great. So I will keep everyone posted on how it went... so closing this blog for now but I will come back and do more, instead of waiting a month... LOL