Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Today is Wednesday and I was thinking about a lot of stuff before hitting the 29 mark, the last of the twenties, things that I have learned about myself and am continuing to learn. First thing is first you can't change people, if there is anything that I can take from my twenties is that you can't make someone into something that you want them to be, as I have mentioned before my ex, was someone who I tried to change and help him become more of a better person, and without really understanding him, I just tried and tried and I was so unsuccessful, but the good thing is that I realize it and can move on successfully. The second thing that I realized is be glad that I have a job, I mean yes there are many jobs that are hiring, but there could be hundreds of people out there gunning for the same job your after, so you can't be hasty or greedy, and just up and quit you gotta be professional always in this world, cause professionalism works for you, not against you. Be glad that you have a great family and good friends for moral support and use them, don't abuse them, try to make time when you can, cause they can get you out of those really nasty times in your life, when your screaming in the mirror "WHY ME?" and I am sure that all of us have been there in our lives at any given moment.

I went to sleep last night and I had my little puppy dog WINK sleeping next to me, and of course he was snuggling and snoring, but I thought you know, he can tell when I am feeling blue about life, and a couple of kisses later from him he takes away all that saddness that I may have been feeling. I mean I know he won't be around forever, but each day that he is around makes it nice. I also have been watching my "Little House on the Prairie" DVD collection, and there are so many messages from it, if there is any show that really inspires me to become more of a decent human being it is those. I really love them, and in a lot of ways I wish Michael Landon was there to give me a talkin to.

So looking forward to the middle of the week, with my head held high, and when the day hits and it is my birthday, I know whatever I wish, may be a little high, but I can know that I am very lucky to have the things that I already have, and its really nice to know and appreciate what you have now, then what you don't have.

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  1. Awesome post! It was when I learned those valuable lessons that my life and relationships changed significantly for the better. I can't change other people, I can only change how I react to other people. Sounds like we went through some similar experiences in our 20s. Happy Birthday!